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Daily Sanitary Kit

Daily Sanitary Kit


    It doesn't mean you only step up on your feminine hygiene during period days. Taking care of your intimate area should be a daily necessity. First step is to make sure you always have our Daily Sanitary Kit available in your vanity cupboard so you can keep yourself fresh and clean anytime of the day.

    Kit includes:
    - Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Feminine Wash 240ml
    - Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Feminine Powder 100g
    - Rael Regular Organic Cotton Cover Liners 20s
    - Rael Natural Feminine Wipes 10s

    How To Use
    Use Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Feminine Wash daily during shower.

    Sprinkle Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Feminine Powder onto your panty for absorption of wetness and keep vaginal odor at bay.

    Wear Rael Regular Liner on wet days and don't forget to carry some in your handbag.

    Use Rael Natural Feminine Wipes as and when you wish to freshen up your lady bits.

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