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4 Common Toxic Chemicals In Our Personal Care And How To Avoid Them

by Digital Team 21 Aug 2019

Natural Skin Care And Body Care

We’re exposed to toxic chemicals every single day that can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Sadly, it’s impossible to avoid them completely but there are steps you can take to minimize your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

The first step, of course, is to educate yourself. Make sure you research products before you buy them and carefully read product labels. To help kick start your research, here we’re sharing four common toxic chemicals you should be aware of and what easy things you can do to cut them out of your life.

Parabens... Parabens are preservatives that are added to many everyday personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Although that may sound good, they’re known to disrupt the endocrine system and have also been linked to breast cancer, which is scary given the fact that your body can easily absorb them through your skin, blood, and digestive system.  

The easiest way to avoid this bad chemical is to shop for products that say “paraben free” on the label. Luckily, clean beauty is having a major moment right now so there are lots of beauty brands on the market making products that work just as effectively—if not better—and aren’t laced with toxic ingredients. That said, we know switching over to a clean beauty and hygiene routine can be a daunting task. Our advice is to just take it one product at a time. Whenever you run out of something, replace it with a healthier, more natural version.

Fragrance... We all want to smell good but definitely not at the expense of our health. Fragrances are added to all sorts of things including feminine hygiene products, perfume, shampoo, moisturizers, soaps, hairsprays, and even makeup.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database, fragrances are basically just a mix of potentially harmful chemicals. They’ve been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and may also affect the reproductive system. The worst part is that companies are not required by law to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances. So even if you don’t see a dangerous chemical on the label, there’s a chance it might be one of the ingredients that makes up the fragrance.

You can avoid fragrances by opting for all-natural products that are scented with essential oils instead or go with unscented versions.

Pesticides... There is strong evidence that shows that pesticides have a high likelihood of causing cancer so it is definitely something you want to try to avoid at all costs. Buy organic food as much as possible to decrease your exposure to pesticides especially if you’re buying produce such as strawberries, spinach, and kale which are on the EWG’s dirty dozen list.

Your feminine hygiene products can also expose you to pesticides which is why we recommend our Pads, Liners, and Tampons. They are all made from 100% certified organic cotton, contain no harsh chemicals, and are chlorine and fragrance free.

BPA... BPA, which stands for Bisphenol A, is a hormone-disrupting chemical that’s found in plastic items and hygiene products. It’s known to cause cancer along with a number of other health issues including heart disease and fertility problems.

We recommend reducing your use of plastic as best you can. Food containers and water bottles are a good place to start. Use glass containers to store leftovers in the fridge and treat yourself to a chic stainless steel water bottle to carry with you throughout the day. It’s good for you and the planet.

Also, look for tampons with BPA-free applicators. Or, better yet, switch to tampons with biodegradable cardboard applicators like our Organic Tampons to ensure you’re not exposing your lady parts to the toxic chemical.

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