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Easy Tips To Remove Period Stains

by Digital Team 29 Sep 2020

Considering how Aunt Flo comes to visit every month, it’s no surprise to occasionally miscalculate her arrival and wake up to a stained bedsheet in the morning or accidentally staining your favourite pair of jeans. Do you grab a tissue and scrub it? Or soak them? Read on below to learn some simple tips you can use to remove annoying period blood stains!


  1. Check for other stains & treat immediately

The first thing you should is to check if you have other stained spots on your bed – especially if you are a restless sleeper. When you stain your bedsheets, it can be very easy to overlook areas such as tiny blotches on your covers or bolster as well. This way, you can treat the stain as soon as possible and do not risk it drying up which can be much harder to remove.


  1. Treat it with running water first

One of the most straight forward measures is to run the stained garment under cold, running water immediately. If the stain is still relatively fresh, this would remove quite a bit of the blood stains or even the stain entirely. Always avoid using hot water. This can make the stain seep deeper into the fabric and worsen the stain.


  1. Use hydrogen peroxide and lemon

If you got any light-coloured fabrics stained, first soak in a tub of cold water for 30 minutes. Then, simply squeeze some hydrogen peroxide and some lemon juice on the stain and leave for another 30 minutes. Throw it into the washing machine for a tumble and watch the stain magically disappear. Do note that this solution can bleach and discolour the fabric, so avoid using this method on any dark or bright coloured fabric.  


  1. Use meat tenderisers

Tougher, dried up stains may seem difficult to remove, but it is not entirely impossible if you use certain solution that help to break up the fibers in the blood stains One example is the use of meat tenderisers. Soak the fabric in cold water for 30 minutes before rubbing a spoonful of meat tenderizer on the stain. Follow this up with a good run in the washing machine and the stain should be gone for good!


The above solutions are mainly based on homemade remedies but if you can opt for a simpler alternative in the form of ready-to-use stain removers. Having stain removers can save you a lot of trouble such as finding the items to mix the homemade solution to remove your period stains. One great example is the Ecover Stain Remover. It is not only proven to remove stubborn, icky stains easily but also comes with a built-in brush to help you in scrubbing the stain off efficiently. Good news for you ladies out there! Exclusively for the month of October, you can get a free Ecover Stain Remover (worth $10.90) just by purchasing any 2 Vagisil intimate washes on Head over to the store now to enjoy the promotion!



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