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Underwear Rules for a Healthy and Happy Vagina

by Chantal McCulligh 05 Dec 2016

You love your fashion; you place importance on the quality of clothes and fabrics within your wardrobe, but rarely think about the type of underwear you’re wearing. Reality check 101: Your vagina loves fashion too! 

To be fair, your vagina really doesn’t care about the brand name of your underwear, your favorite lingerie store or the colours of the latest styles. However, your vagina does care about the styles and fabrics it wears.  Find out if your fashion obsession is doing more harm than it is good for your lady bits, and implement these changes into your undergarment drawer to ensure a healthy and happy vagina.


Your Vagina Has a Fabric Preference

Believe it or not, but your vagina does have a preference in underwear, and it’s all about cotton undergotchies. This fabric allows your vagina to breathe throughout the day, which keeps things clean and fresh below the belt.

Synthetic materials, such as polyester trap all kinds of moisture and bacteria in, which can result in a bad odour, or worse, infections. So, always dress your vagina in cotton.


Your Vagina Has a Size

If you’ve ever tried to squeeze into a pair of pants that are simply too small, then you’ll be able to relate to the struggles your vagina experiences when wearing the wrong size of underwear. Similar to pants, squishing your lady bits into underwear that just doesn’t fit is uncomfortable, irritating and can make it hard to breathe. Always wear underwear that fits properly to ensure that your vagina can enjoy some airflow throughout the day.


Your Vagina is Sensitive

You’ve followed the first two steps, and now laundry day is right around the corner. Well, there’s no better time to continue on your path to achieving a healthy and happy vagina.
Your vagina is sensitive, as you probably know. Using harsh laundry detergents packed with chemicals can really throw your vagina’s balance off. So always wash your intimates with a skin-friendly detergent; preferably one that is free of perfumes and dyes.


Your Vagina Hates Bleach

This underwear tip goes knickers-in-knickers with the prior. Your vagina hates bleach. It’s simply too harsh for your lady bits and for your undergarments. It can cause awful vaginal irritation, and can even break down the fibres of your underwear, which can be a costly mistake. So, if your white undies are looking dull and dreary, toss them instead of washing them with bleach.


Your Vagina Doesn’t Like Thongs

To be fair, thongs and G-strings aren’t bad for your vagina. However, they can cause bacteria from your backside to be dragged to your vagina, which can result in uncomfortable infections. In worse cases, bacteria from your backside entering your vagina can cause pelvic inflammatory disease or bladder problems. So try to wear underwear that covers a bit, if not all of your cheeks to keep things clean and healthy.


Your Vagina has Attention Deficit Disorder

Your vagina doesn’t have ADD, but you should treat your underwear wearing tactics as if it does. In other words, your vagina doesn’t want to wear the same pair of underwear for longer than a day. Change them out daily, and if they get wet whether from the weather or a hardcore gym session, change them again. You can never change your underwear too many times.


Your Vagina Wants to go Commando

If there’s one thing that keeps coming up when discussing the tips to obtaining a healthy and happy vagina, it’s to let it breathe. Your vagina needs space, and letting it air out is an excellent habit. Now, if going commando in public makes you a little uneasy, try going commando just at night. Those 8 freeing hours can work wonders for keeping your vagina fresh, healthy, clean and happy.

Start placing importance on the underwear you wear to give your vagina the TLC it deserves. To increase the health and happiness of your lady bits, shop our vast selection of vagina-friendly products.

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