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What to Do When Your Nether Regions Sweat

by Chantal McCulligh 29 Mar 2017

Sweating up a smell down there is never fun. Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon either. In fact, your crotch sweating is completely normal but that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the embarrassing side effects. There’s nothing desirable about an odd aroma, discomfort and underwear insecurities. So, let’s tackle the perspiration happening down there and discover what you can do to keep the scents and risk of infection at bay.


Discover the cause of your crotch sweat

Vaginas can sweat for various reasons, and at other times, for no reason at all. While it’s not a serious disease or something that you need to immediately rush to the gynecologist for, crotch sweat can be so incredibly irritating. The good news is that a simple switch in your daily hygiene or a change in routine (or wardrobe) can help combat the crotch sweat. You just have to figure out what’s causing it first.

A common cause of vagina sweat is exercise. However, your crotch may also be sweating for no reason other than the choice of undergarments and pants you put on from day to day.

Synthetic fabrics are known for causing your body’s temperature to heat up, which will naturally make you sweat. To make matters worse, these fabrics don’t soak up the sweat so you’re left uncomfortable and well, sweaty. This also puts you at risk of bacterial infections.

Tight clothing is also a culprit of crotch sweat. With no room for the heat and sweat to go, this traps in bacteria which can also lead to infections.

Crotch sweat can also be caused by a thyroid problem, poor vaginal hygiene, and menopause. So if a change in fabrics, habits and vaginal products doesn’t fix the problem, you may want to speak with your physician.


The scent of sweat isn’t the only concern

It’s easy to assume that a little vaginal sweat can’t do any harm, other than cause discomfort and embarrassment, but don’t be mistaken. A female’s nether regions are incredibly delicate and fragile, and surprisingly highly susceptible to infections if not taken care of properly. In fact, sitting in sweaty underwear, pants or workout clothes can cause a buildup of bacteria with no room to escape. The only place for the bacteria to go is the one direction you don’t want it to, and this can result in various infections such as yeast infections, bladder infections, fungal infections and even skin irritations.

So if the sweat and the undesirable scent aren’t enough to encourage you to treat the problem, the risk of infection should. Plus, maintaining a healthy vagina is so easy to do; there’s really no reason not to.


Treating a sweaty vagina and all of its symptoms

The secret to treating crotch sweat is to prevent it altogether. This should start right in the morning when you’re preparing to tackle the day. Sprinkle some intimate powder in your underwear that is 100% talc-free and designed to absorb wetness. Swap out regular body washes for feminine washes when you clean down there. These are created with women in mind, and have formulas to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH level, which may also be the culprit to your sweaty scent.

It’s also important to wash regularly, especially after a sweat session. Pack feminine wipes in your gym bag and purse, and wash up whenever you feel like things down there are too sweaty for comfort.

Lastly, focus on the fabrics you’re subjecting your femininity too. Synthetic fabrics, tight clothes and even workout gear can be a recipe for vagina sweat. So either upgrade your wardrobe or change out of sweaty clothes as quickly as possible.

A sweaty vagina is not what you want. It’s irritating and uncomfortable, and can even lead to worse problems. Fortunately, treating the undesirable symptoms of crotch sweat is incredibly simple. You just need to wash properly with feminine products and change up your wardrobe to keep the vagina sweat (and risk of infections) at bay. 

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